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Storage And Packing Tips

Storage Tips

Storage and Packing Tips
  1. Store more frequently needed items in front of unit.
  2. Use specially designed covers (sold in office) to protect furniture, mattresses and box springs.
  3. Always think vertical. Stack items floor to ceiling, using dressers and tables as means of stacking boxes and lighter items upward.
  4. Break down furniture by removing detachable legs.
  5. Stack chairs and other wood furniture by placing blankets or towels between them to help protect them while storing.
  6. Wedge open appliance doors to allow air to circulate inside.
  7. Allow space between larger pieces of furniture and the unit walls for air circulation.
  8. Drain fuel tank of all gas-powered lawn equipment to help prevent corrosion and reduce unpleasant odors.
  9. Use trash cans to store gardening tools such as rakes, shovels, etc.
  10. Store large furniture (table tops and couches) on its end to optimize space.
  11. Clean furniture, boxes and unit of all food and perishables.
  12. Don't store any food or perishable items.
  13. Don't store any combustibles (paint and other chemicals).

Packing Tips

  1. Be sure to label boxes while packing, and place them in the unit with the label visible.
  2. Use large boxes for lighter items such as pillows, blankets, etc., and use smaller boxes for heavier items like books, DVDs and electronics. Boxes are sold at our office.
  3. Pack small items carefully and avoid using trash bags as items tend to break and mildew due to lack of ventilation.
  4. Don't overload boxes; you shouldn't have to strain when moving them.
  5. If packing items of different weights in the same box, be sure to put heavier items on bottom and label "this end up."
  6. Be sure to wrap breakables carefully in newspaper or bubble wrap.
  7. Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing or draperies so the fabric breathes and doesn't wrinkle. Wardrobe boxes are sold at the office.
  8. Furniture drawers can be used to store small, well-wrapped breakable items.
  9. Fill boxes completely, and stuff extra space with newspaper to help prevent collapsing when stacked.